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About A.I.R.

Read a little bit about the creative Performance Engineers who love their jobs at A.I.R.


Here at A.I.R. we get personal with our customers!

Founded in 2009, and with more than 20 years of combined experience, A.I.R. is your one stop shop for all your performance needs.

Built Engines, Custom made (one-off) Turbocharger kits, Superchargers, Camshafts, Heads, Exhaust upgrades, cooling or electrical upgrades, you name it; A.I.R. adds the modifications that fits your specific taste for speed. Please review our available products and horsepower packages, or contact us and we modify your car custom as you see fit.

A.I.R. lives by the belief that honesty and integrity are the keys to personal and professional success. We spend a lot of time making sure you know your car is being taken care of with a complete walk around of the car before and after the modifications. Sending you consistent updates and follow up, pictures and videos of documentation, which we put together on custom videos for your pleasure, placed on YouTube with your permission..

We take pride in our work and you can be rest assured your baby/investment is protected by our up to date alarm system and video surveillance inside and outside the shop.

Parking outside the shop is gated off at night. During business hours the shop is always open for customers to stop by and take a look, no appointment necessary, or call for an appointment if you want to make sure Clint is available to sit down with you.


A.I.R. Engineers

Get personal with the team that makes your car rumble

Clint Baxstrom: Owner/Tuner/Performance Engineer
Clint "Think of me as your horsepower adviser, I will get you the most performance for your dollar spent!" Clint has been taking things apart, studying, and putting them back together since he was a kid, and has always had a passion for speed. What was once merely a hobby for years, working and modifying his own Camaro, and learning tuning calibration on his own car since late 1999. With Clint thinking outside the box on his own Camaro SS, netted him over 750whp in the early 2001 when most people were still around stock horsepower on their cars. Friend's and enthusiasts asked Clint questions and advise on how they too could modify their cars and trucks, and thus American Intense Racing was born. As a company since early 2009 AIR has been providing services to increase reliable power for enthusiasts for the rocky mountain area. Why named A.I.R.? because being based in Denver, and such an area being plagued with a lack of air, adding "AIR" to your ride is the name of the game!


Nate Shultz: Performance Engineer
Nate"Building reliable horsepower is my passion". "Paying attention to detail is a must!" Nate has 3 year's experience working as a performance tech with AIR. Nate has a background as a general mechanic and went to specialized school for diagnostics and wiring. Working at AIR Nate has learned the LS engine like the back of his hand and has been a key component at AIR over the years. Nate's favorite cars to work on are the Corvette, 5th Gen Camaro and late model Challenger's and Chargers. With his own modified 30th Anniversary 97 Camaro he had a passion for horsepower since he was a kid. Future plans with his Camaro is doing a LS swap with a front mounted turbo! .  



What They Say

pictureA.I.R. has tuned my car making it run on E85 like I was using the best.
I thought I had to settle for what my car could do before, now I have solid proof that it's ready for the track with the video Clint sent me and the Dyno graph he provided when he tested it.


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