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Support AIR !   Your local Rocky Mountain business, for all your vehicles horsepower needs ! 

-AIR built- Corvette's put the smack down on Alpha-10 GTR's

2014 video footage of 2 AIR built Z06 Corvette's, (Silver & Blue) up against Alpha-10  GTR's  -  A must watch!   

Monster "Street legal" Procharged Sierra

Stock bottom end 5.3L Procharged Sierra, puts down strong numbers!

How it's built - 800WHP 2006 Corvette Z06 with Mild boost

With bolt on's and small amount of boost the C6 Z06 Corvette is formidable!  This video is was made back in early 2014.  Since then this Z06 has been upgraded to 1100whp and currently has the 1/4 record at Bandimere speedway of the fastest manual trans Corvette.  Running  9.5 at 148mph at over 8000+ft density altitude.  

813whp Procharged Camaro 1LE - with Stock LS3 Internals


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